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Obj import error
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System Information
Win 10

Blender Version
Broken: blender-2.80-cc600de6695a-win64

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
File > Import > Wavefront (.obj)

... and:



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That file does not work on my system either. However the rest of my obj files open fine.

Try these, they open for me, do they open for you? I have a feeling the problem is in the obj file.

@Eric Leo (DivingIntoBlender) Your files import fine as do my other obj files, and that's the problem. Some objs are working and some don't.
And my file is okay of course, it loads fine in other apps, and was loading fine in blender on previous builds.

It is becoming quite a mystery. In the past when obj files have failed to import I assumed it was a bad download form the site I sourced them from and deleted them. It happens so rarely that I didn't think it was a Blender problem. I will see if I can find some that do not work on my system and offer some feed back. Only thing we can do is keep working the problem, pity it is so random.

seems to happen with obj's exported from zbrush. the ticket might be as duplicate of T65326.

switching on keep vert IDs helps though for the time being.

adding the line "usemtl defaultMat" seems to fix it, I guess it's related to something with the zbrush tex export option. why it's working fine with keep vert IDs is beyond me.