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Bug in blender 2.8
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System Information
Operating system: windows 7(32 bit) professional service pack 1
Graphics card:intel (r) hd graphics card 2500

Blender Version
Broken: V2.8
Worked: no

As soon as I open blender the black command prompt opens and then the blender screen is opened which doesn't show anything except a gray colour and then it crashes in less then a second. Even the splash screen doesn't appear.

go to the blender folder and then just simply double click on blender for opening it.



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Please help me in the above

Provide a video maybe?
Go to blender folder, launch cmd there, launch blender from the cmd and you'll get info what happened.

I think your video card (intel (r) hd graphics card 2500 is Ivy Bridge) does not meet the minimum requirements for GPU

Intel: Haswell and newer

as stated here.

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This graphics card is indeed no longer supported.

The best we can advice is to install the latest graphics drivers for this card: