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documentation suggestion - switch_view to camera_view
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System Information
Operating system: linux
Graphics card: nvidia

Blender documentation could mention the shortkey Ctrl-Alt-Numpad0...

Keymap setting:
3D view

"Align Camera to View" shows Ctrl-Alt-Numpad0

Otherwise, one might accidentally (unknowingly) be moving their camera unintentionally when working with more than 1 camera.

I thought this was a bug until I realized what was happening. The change of the active camera works with Ctrl-Numpad0, but the unintentional keypress with "alt" may occur, not realizing that it actually altered the position of the active camera.



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Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) closed this task as Resolved.

There is already a page dedicated to camera navigation in the 3D view, added a link to this & move incomplete documentation on camera management there (rBM5220, rBM5221, rBM5222).