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Translated texts remain original english
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Blender Version
2.80 (sub 74), branch: master, commit date: 2019-07-11 13:44, hash: 7ad21c3876c2, type: Release

Editor: All editors with toolbar
Location: Toolbar --> All tools
As shown below, translated texts remain original English in operator button's tooltips.

And this can be reproduced in any mode of all editors for any other language.

Why these texts can not be replace correctly?
I think it's a bug, and should be fixed before final release.

I found some other similar items, so the title should be changed.
Editor: 3D View
Location: Display & Shading Menu --> Viewport Overlay
Items marked red in image below are all existed translation items in localization .po file.

7/14 update:
Lots of similar situation at tool settings of 3D view editor. I'll just list some of them below:
Editor: 3D View (Mesh Sculpt mode)
Tool Settings --> Brush --> Options
Tool Settings --> Display --> Show Brush/Custom Icon
Tool Settings --> Stroke --> Smooth Stroke

Editor: 3D View (Grease Pencil Draw mode)
Tool Settings --> Curves --> Sensitivity/Strength/Jitter
Tool Settings --> Options --> Post-Processing/Stabilize/Randomize

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Downloaded latest daily build cdeda1fa6cea. Tools' name at Toolbar remains English.

I think this tracker shouldn't be marked as Resolved for now.