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2.80 RC1 - Everything freezes when user moves the view during shader compilation
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System Information
Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Graphics: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Bay Trail

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80 RC1
Worked: Unknown

I open Blender. I open a file that I had been working with when 2.8 was in alpha and beta. It starts to load.

I spin the view around the scene, as is habit. The status bar says "Shaders Compilation 20%". Everything freezes. The music I have playing starts repeating every second like a broken record. The mouse cursor won't move. The disk clicks like it's accessing a page file. I take a shower.

30 minutes later, same. I hard reset my workstation.

The blendfile in question is rather complex, as per the norm. 2K textures, bones, particle hair, BSDF, 4K HDRI. I implicitly expected nothing to ever freeze come RC1, so I may have been a little less patient when I loaded the file than before. In past versions of 2.8 I experienced shorter freezes, but I was still patient enough then to just wait after everything displays on the screen for my character to morph from Iron Man into the thing it's supposed to look like.



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can you provide system info generated fron Help/Save System Info ?