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frequently stops working on rendering.
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System Information
Operating system: Windows-10-10.0.16299 64 Bits
Graphics card: Radeon RX 560 Series ATI Technologies Inc. 4.5.13570 Core Profile Context 19.7.1 26.20.13001.9005

Blender Version
Broken: version: 2.80 (sub 74), branch: master, commit date: 2019-07-11 13:50, hash: rB06312c6d2db8
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
I have been using blender 2.79 since last 3 months and the same problem existed while rendering with OpenGL supported AMD Rx560 and I just started using cpu rendering which takes alot of time always. and the problem still exist in blender 2.8 as well please fix this issue however 2.8 is much better than 2.79 its just chage in interface is confusing and a very good thing as well, its user friendly. and error do not occure more often but still it does.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
[Please describe the exact steps needed to reproduce the issue]
[Based on the default startup or an attached .blend file (as simple as possible)]



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Exact steps for others to reproduce the error:

use opengl rendering in system user preference settings. with amd GPU and intel cpu.
use cycles engine
creat any image of more than 1000 vertices.
start rendering.

Gavin Scott (Zoot) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Needs Information from User.Jul 19 2019, 5:50 PM

When you say OpenGL I think you mean OpenCL?

Your report seems to come down to "Cycles can't render anything with more than 1,000 vertices" which is definitely not a problem that other people have been reporting. If you're been experiencing similar issues with 2.79 as well, this sounds more like a driver or system issue than a Blender bug.

What happens when you try it? Does Blender crash, do you get any error message, etc.?

Blender 2.80 Release Candidate 2 is out today if you want to try it on the latest version.

it stops responding..
no error message.
i'll give a try to release 2 tomorrow InSha ALLAH.

thanks for the quick response.

even CR2 has the same issue I tested it on 15-7500(no dedicated GPU) and 15-3550(AMD Rx 560 Saphire pulse OC edition 4Gig). same problem on both with fully updated drivers.

Please attach a minimal example blend file that shows the problem.

just as you requested now i just found the problem is with evee

Bastien Montagne (mont29) raised the priority of this task from Needs Information from User to Waiting for Developer to Reproduce.Aug 20 2019, 11:47 AM

Does render fine for me here, but am on linux with a Nvidia GPU... @Clément Foucault (fclem) maybe you would have some ideas here?