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Assertation crash IK solvers
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Group: current SVN version
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The typical first foot setup: 4 bones, where 1 & 2 are
the leg, 3 the foot, 4 the ik solver bone with its
root at the heel.

Create an ik solver constraint to the foot, pointing
at the ik solver bone (4).

Now moving the ik solver bone (4) also moves the foot
and leg, but as if influence on the constraint was
below 1. So the ik solver bone moves away from the
heel even though they should touch.

Doing the same in 2.28 works correctly, even saving
a .blend file from 2.28 and opening it in 2.30 also
leads to things working ok in 2.30. And the other way
around - opening a file created in 2.30 makes 2.28
work incorrectly.

Linux Mandrake 9.2

Regards, Mats

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