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2.80 Flames/Fire wont render
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Graphics card: AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80, 50ccbe6bb233, date 2019-07-02 22.33

Short description of error
Unable to render fire in version 2.8 - attempted to bake per previously located reports and get error
"No active image found in material slow (0) for object "Smoke Domain"

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Opened program - removed default cube - added UV Sphere - used Quick Effect-Smoke - set to fire - appears on screen during animation test -
attempted to bake per other tickets opened - receive error - I have had luck in 2.79 following some of the tutorials, but the newer ones show the priciple volumetric works in this version so I have not gone back to the long way of doing it in 2.79

Any assistance is greatly appreciate!

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Can confirm on Windows 10 running an AMD FX8350 and a GTX 970

flame (sphere) has not set material, after adding material to the sphere, Cycles Render Engine works without problems, however Cycles has known problems with rendering unbaked simulation

[EDIT] the opening of the test file and the rendering of a frame does not work on linux RC3, but the scene has problems, not Blender IMO

@dark999 (dark999) Thank you the insight. Could I ask for a little more specifics on the scene issues? I have just made the jump to 2.8 and apparently need to re-learn alot of this. I tried starting over, and now can see the flames when checking the render view in the viewport, but still get the same error when attempting to bake it for an actual render. I feel like there is something simple here that I am missing in the jump from 2.79

I have been looking for more tutorials on 2.8 for things like this, but have been coming up lacking. Sorry to bother everyone.

Bugtracker is not a forum, I am here on a voluntary basis not requested by Blender
I can bake your test files.
A trick is reopen .blend with LoadUI deselected
Another trick isselect File> Default Settings> Load Factory Settings to avoid probable problems with add-ons

@dark999 (dark999) Thank you for taking the time to give me those ideas. I will play with it further.

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"No active image found in material" sounds like you are trying to use render baking. Smoke should be baked in the physics properties.

This seems more like a user support question than a bug, so closing.