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I can't find the catalog wiki so I explain briefly what my addon is about.
With this, you can create translation, scale, rotation array with offset or global parameters in any direction and mix them.

Thanks in advance



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Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Normal.

hi, thanks very much, we will have a look at this for 2.81 possibly.
Are you familiar with github and git usage?

Not at all, I'm afraid i'm a total newbie for git.

That's ok, I'll still take a look.

I have updated my addon to add random options. Sorry for convenience, it's not the best place to make adjustments I know but it could be a nice add.

Here a picture of what users can achieve with this.

nice work, feel free to send updates here.

I add a small update with some improvements.

hi, nice work, I like it, certainly something I would use and useful for new users. I think this is good for addons contrib atm for testing and any bug fixing.
One thing I noticed was I could set keyframes but no animation worked. I'm sure I'll find a few more things :)
I would suggest creating an account on github and familiarizing yourself with git if you can.
I'm prepared to commit this on your behalf into contrib but I do need to know if you plan to continue working on this for a while.
If your prepared to send updates and fix bugs this should be ok for the moment.
By creating a github account, I'll be able to check for updates and notify you of any outstanding issues and you will become more familiar with the git system.

I'm glad you like it, it was something I'm wanted for Blender so I started to learn python few months ago. Someone told me already about the animation, unfortunately I need to study a bit more to make it works (animation wasn't planned at the beginning).
At least one update should be add, I saw some mistakes :p
I think it's a good idea to create a github and I will.

Thanks for your concern.

Edit : github

great, thanks for that, i'll check out the latest version soon and provide some feedback