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2D Stabilization: Rotation not working with very long tracks
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System Information
Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04
Graphics card:

Blender Version
Broken: Blender 2.80 rc3
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
In 2D Stabilization the images/movie is not rotated, although "Show Stable" option is enabled and 2 tracks are set for stabilization and rotation/scale respectively. The same holds for the output when using the 2d stabilization node in the compositor. The resolution of the images is 4k (3940x2160). Rotation works when using the same image sequence but with shorter tracks (tested with a track length of about 20 frames).

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
In the attached .blend file, two tracks are present. The image sequence is, of course, not included, but I guess any other movie will do. The image sequence is 918 frames long. When playing back the movie, it should rotate (especially at the end where the markers are rotating 90 degrees around each other). "Show Stable" is enabled and tracks for stabilization and rotation are set.

Thank you very much.