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Bevel Custom Profiles Project To Do List
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Bevel Custom Profiles Project To Do List

Task to coordinate finishing the custom profiles GSoC project and to keep track of features that should be added later on.

Short Term

These correspond to items marked with "HANS-TODO" in the code, a search for which can be found here.

  • Harden normals functionality - There can be sharp edges within the profile which should have custom split normals.
  • Documentation - One of the deliverables for the end of GSoC
  • Profile orientation bug - Just another bug where a single edge chain has the profile flipped on each side
  • Cutoff VMesh method bug - The cross product of the adjacent plane normals doesn't always give the correct direction for the cutoff face.
  • Presets - Build the library of default presets
  • VMesh center vertex bug - The center mesh vert is placed at an off location with some segment values, which seems to be associated with the rest of that ring being shifted or connected slightly incorrectly to its neighbors.
  • "Ballooning" with small profiles - The initial vertex mesh created before the subdivision may be skewing the results.
  • Example face for cutoff VMesh center - Very small thing, but it will allow me to clean up the cutoff method function
  • Final modifier and tool UI updates - I'd like to try some rearranging and smaller changes to make the UI smaller and better looking

Long Term

These improvements would be great, but I don't think they're vital for the initial completion of the project, instead I would focus on them for a later Blender release.

  • Profile widget symmetry mode - A mode for drawing the control points that reverses your edits in real time.
  • Cutoff intersection method improvement - When there are three beveled edges with a bottom face connecting two of them, the sharp miter method doesn't interact correctly with the cutoff. In this case the profile planes should actually be positioned differently, probably more like they are with the arc or patch miter methods but without the grid fill
  • Profile widget mirror curve object mode - This would sync the changes to the profile widget with a curve object and include saving and loading profiles from curves. This would also make integration with the asset manager possible.
  • Boolean vertex mesh method - This is a large project that would affect the whole bevel tool, but it's an important part of the custom profile toolset that would improve the results a lot.
  • D6470 Custom bezier handle control - Allow the user to manually choose where the handles are positioned and to have a separate handle type for each side of a control point.
  • Updated widget interaction - Enabling keymap use, adding better selection methods like select all, path select and maybe box select, moving view with middle, better interaction with more than one control point selected.
  • Icons for profile presets - Should be generated automatically
  • Steps preset - A generator for a dynamic number of steps
  • Even length sampling option - Arguably not very important but could be nice

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