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Sculpt/Paint Brush Menus, update to 2.8
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Task to port the Sculpt/Paint Brush Menus addon, created by Imaginer and meta-androcto, to 2.8.



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Ryan Inch (Imaginer) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Normal.Aug 7 2019, 8:02 AM
Ryan Inch (Imaginer) created this task.
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hi, I've tested the addon and all seems well. I do think we can greatly improve this as far as layout and usability.

hi @Ryan Inch (Imaginer)
Your brush menu's relate to your help with the dynamic context menu in 2.79. I'm currently working on the dynamic context menu's and I've decided to remove the brush modes from the spacebar/context menu as your addon does a much better job. Keeping this in mind, I've made a couple of changes:
Name change: Dynamic Brush Menus
Hotkey change: Spacebar in Sculpt and Paint modes.
Menu's change: I've added in the Tools menus, Whilst there's some duplicity here it's important to give access to the built in Tools Menu on such an important key.
I'm taking the following course of action:
Commit my changes to contrib, remove the addon from contrib, restore the addon to release per T67350
After which we can discuss any polish and further changes in irc or

@Ryan Inch (Imaginer) hi, I guess to only thing outstanding at this point in time is to do Search, Tools, Quick Favorites and Interactive Mode in order at the top to bring into line with the Dynamic Spacebar addon and pair them up correctly. I'll look at this soon before closing the task.

hi, a couple of thing nqr, it's interesting that the Dynamic Spacebar works in particle edit mode and the dynamic brushes work in particle hair, we should discuss how best to fix this. Next on I found was in texture paint mode if the object is not unwrapped, it needs to be. So whilst the missing textures part is solved nicely, maybe we need a check to see if the object is unwrapped? or just add in the unwrap menu in case?

Closing as resolved. @Ryan Inch (Imaginer) we can work out anything else in due course if needed. Thanks for your help and support.