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Problem with Trust Panora Widescreen graphic tablet
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System Information
Operating system: Wind 10 ( 64 bit )
Graphics card: ( Nvidia RTX 2080 )

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80 from 08.09.2019 , also 2,79b from the same day )

Short description of error

There are tow problems , first is that when i enter sculpting mode , work for a bit of time and then minimize blender in the background and then come back to blender , it makes a mess out of the mouse cursor ( is not detecting it anymore , and when i click anywhere it auto locks the mouse cursor on the top of the screen and it takes me out of blender ) .
The second problem is that the size pressure and strength pressure options do not function even if they are enabled (for the brushes ) . I have the latest drivers for the tablet installed .

These problems are limited to Blender only , in other programs like Zbrush , Krita , Paint they are not present and everything works ok .



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Xotherz (Xotherz) added a comment.EditedThu, Aug 15, 8:53 PM

Ok , after a few days of speaking with the support team from Trust we found a workaround fix for the problem . First without the tablet connected to the pc go in Blender , Preferences , Input , Tablet , Tablet API and change it to Windows Ink , save and exit Blender . Connect you tablet to your pc , go in task bar and open its program PenTabletSettings , go to Tablet 1 ( 10.00x6.00 ) and check the box for Support Tablet PC . Now go start Blender , go into Preferences again ,Input , Tablet , Tablet Api and chance it from Windows Ink to Wintab , and close dawn the Prefecrences tab . Now go back in Preferences , input , tablet , tablet Api and change it back again to windows ink , close dawn the preference tab and now the tablet should work just fine . Yeah , is kinda strange i know but it works . Note that you have to do this every time you start a new session of blender ( by that i mean changing the API back and forward like that ) , also note that with the ,, Support Tablet PC '' option turned one some other programs like for example ZBrush will not work right ( you lose for example the pressure sensitivity feature in Zbrush with it on ) . Hope this helps others .