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2.44, os x: crash when adding movie to the sequencer (works in 2.43)
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Group: V 2.44 release
Category: OSX related

i tested this with the same file in 2.43 and 2.44 and it looks like i can't add a small .mov (9 mb, 960x540, rendered via the "hd" preset with 50% and osa 5) to the timeline via "add" > "movie". everytime i hit enter blender crashes.

i also tried renaming the file (shorter name) and adding it from another directory that has a shorter name (this usually is the cause for a crash like that on my system), but it looks like i can now only use 2.43 for editing. (i now also tested another file (768x576, tga, .mov) but this also just crashes 2.44...)

so this should/might be reproducible with any .mov (and other files?) when adding them to the sequencer in 2.44 under os x, 10.3.9.

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