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Fisheye / panorama in EEVEE
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Same level of support as we do for Cycles, no selection, or support in non lookdev/render mode.

  • Basic equirectangular support
  • Basic fisheye support
  • Over-scan to better support screen base shaders, and compositing
  • Optimized fisheye support (restrict the number of rendered views to the bare minimum)


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Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) changed Type from Bug to To Do.
Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) triaged this task as Normal priority.

Instead of using the Cycles panoramic algorithms, wouldn’t EEVEE be better off by (1) rendering onto a skybox, then (2) applying DoF into another skybox whose faces are only then (3) mapped onto an equirectangular, fish=eye, or whatever panorama? The implementation according such process seems soooo much simpler yet still fairly accurate.

As a bonus, the pixels at the poles receive a more fair #samples compared to the ones at the equator. As another bonus, the skybox could be outputted directly into a game-engine friendly image format (before and/or after phase (2)). Alternatively, phases (2) and (3) could be implemented by a compositor node or a custom OSL script. Just an Idea.

That's the kind if the idea (warped cubemap) same as we once did in the BGE. There is no way of using Cycles full raytracing method. It also facilitates overscanning.