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Some lines in .pot-files don't translate to any language
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Some strings in .pot-files are not affected/translated when building the manual. This includes every language.

List of .pot-files with this issue:
getting_started\about\history.pot --- last line ("A totally redesigned UI for easier navigation...")
getting_started\installing\macos.pot --- line 4 ("Stable releases of Blender for macOS...")
getting_started\installing\macos.pot --- line 7 ("How to make a portable installation")
getting_started\installing\windows.pot --- line 10 ("How to make a portable installation")



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Matthias Richter (theyseemeblendin) renamed this task from Last line in getting_started/about/history doesn't translate to any language to Some lines in .pot-files don't translate to any language.

I think this is due to a wrong placement of the caption after ".. tip::" and ".. rubric::" in the corresponding .rst-files. I don't have commit permissions for subversion, so I can't change that.

Might be related to T55545. @Matthias Richter (theyseemeblendin) I have given you commit access so you can commit your language patches and optionally look into this. If we do find the reason behind these issues we need to report them to the upstream project so it can be fixed.