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cannot find cycles render engine
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i render everything on eevee but yesterday i made a photo i wanted to render it with high quality with cycles and i didnt find it in the render engine.....



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Not a bug though!
@Hamza Amin (hamzaamin) Here:

Please! Other channels for support e.g.

Some tips on Reporting:

Let we know, you got what you want?

Ensure the Cycles add-on is enabled in the preferences.

It is in missing script files

You'll have to be more specific about what is missing, and what might be the cause of that.

And please provide all the information requested in the bug submission form, including exact Blender version and operating system.

Thanks so much for your time❤️

One cause of missing files is an incomplete download.
Make sure you downloaded the entire blender archive and unpacked it successfully.

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