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VSE no update color of Color Effect Strip
Open, Confirmed, HighPublic


Operating system: Debian 10
Graphics card: geforce 970

Broken: 2.81 alpha, a571ff2c16c6 (from checkout last week)
Worked: Unsure.

A color effect strip, with Offset or Crop enabled, will not update the Preview color when the color is changed.


  1. New -> Video Editing
  2. Add -> Color
  3. Set color -- one that represents your true identity.
  4. Enable Crop
  5. Set color to something beautiful... but not the color that represents your identity. Sorry, but it must be a distinguishable color. (The beauty of it is optional.)
  6. Strip itself's color will show the new color, but the VSE Preview will not.

That's sufficient, but to see more:

  1. Hit left once and right twice, to change back and forth in the timeline, and you will see the original frame was not updated in the preview, but either side receives the new color.


Differential Revisions
D5803: Fix T69593: Color strip won't update

Event Timeline

This seems to be related to a bug I'm going to submit where the Preview window will not show any real-time changes if there is a modifier added to the strip (or in this case, a crop)

In order to see the changes, you have to refresh the sequencer with Ctrl R.

It seem that real-time updates only work on strips without any fancy property settings :/

Richard Antalik (ISS) triaged this task as Confirmed, High priority.

@Justin (Blender_Frenzy) please do, these errors must literally be hunted