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GPencil: New Eyedropper tools (Main Task)
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New tool to select a color and create a material and also to set as active a material using the sample color.

We have these main targets:

  • Create new materials sampling any color in viewport.
  • Select Materials using sample color (material).

Also, we need a way to disable any effect or modifier that changes the "real" color or use a solution that uses the internal real color. According to Brecht, thi could be done using the selection code and an unique material ID.

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Related patch D5688

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) as I think this need more work, could you tag the task for 2.82? I don't know what are the tags for that.

Not sure, but maybe is better to split this in two tools:

  1. Eyedropper to create materials using any color in the viewport.
  2. New select tool to Select material and set as active.

About point 2), this is useful for GPencil, but could it be useful for other areas of Blender? If we think is useful as a general tool, then this would require a separated task/design to define things like, for example, what happened if you select a material that is not in your object.

At least in terms of implementation it's quite different to select an existing material, or picking whatever color is under the cursor after shader effects, and then creating a new material from that. I don't have a strong opinion on what the best UI for that is though, multiple tools or one tool with some modifier keys.

Yes, this is why I think two tools could be better. My concern is trying to do all in the same tool and after some time we have a spaghetti code trying to solve problems that using two separated operators would not exist. Also, this design makes easy to grow in the future with new features without conflicts.

Sure, we can split the eyedropper tool and use a subtool. One to create a new material (based on pixel color) and the other to select an existing stroke material.

Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) renamed this task from GPencil: New Eyedropper tool to GPencil: New Eyedropper tool (Main Task).Sep 10 2019, 4:58 PM
Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) renamed this task from GPencil: New Eyedropper tool (Main Task) to GPencil: New Eyedropper tools (Main Task).

We can close this now because other tools replace the functionality. We can create a new task in the future if we need again.