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cycles/device_network and cycles_server bugs in 2.81
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Error introduced in this commit :

device_network.cpp: line 523
(data_size) ? == > (void *) ?

compilation failure. The original line was correct in this regard.

now generates compile error because C++ is more script with references. Simple fix is to add const in front of references.

Device:create() API has been changed to require a Profiler. Simpler fix is to instantiate a Profiler on the stack and pass it to the contructor.

Getting these fixes can enable device_network and cycles_server testing to resume for 2.81



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Please prepare a patch and submit it for code review.


I have made all the fixes related to getting single device_network/server working for basic tile rendering for 2.8. Multiple network device still needs testing and iterating. Also progressive rendering does not work with network device rendering. I maybe able to spend sometime to get that to work. At which time I will post a patch.

I am not that happy with the fix I made to address the current issues in 2.8 network rendering. Mainly because of several issues:

  1. host_pointer address vs device_pointer address (typing)
  2. server address handling. Network device mode seems to be using the same host as current one (not discovering any device), as the server discovery is only happening in the device_multi mode. it would be good to add an option to present a list of servers.

When I have had more time on this, I will send a patch for review.