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Precision Drawing Tools (PDT)
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A set of Precision Drawing Tools, displayed in the N Panel under its own tab, to assist with precise modelling in Blender.

This set includes options to place the cursor and other features, by Absolute, Delta and Direction inputs, along with other options including Normal & Convergence Intersection and Percentage between selected features.

There is a Pivot Point toolset to provide an alternative location for geometry manipulation, this is displayed optionally as a 3-Axis graphic in the 3D View.

There is also a primitive Parts Library section, still in its infancy, that will be developed over time into a capable repository for standard parts to be used frequently in modelling projects, for example sets of gears, or windows for architecture, etc.

This is my first attempt at a Blender Add-on so I am open to advice and guidance, not only on the design of the code, but also in the procedures for getting an Add-on accepted. I have also opened a GitHub project for this Add-0n here:

And my website below, contains much more information and help facilities, I know I have to do more work here, but this is going to take time.

Zip file below, I hope I have put this in the right place!



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Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Confirmed, Medium.

Hi, thanks very much for your Interest and hard work. We will look at this shortly. KI think certainly this is a good target for 2.82. We will need to organize commit access for you. we would be able to add this right after 2.81 release and iron out any issue during the pre-release stage. Thanks again. Aweosme work.

Thank you for the support, just keep me informed of what I need to do and when, I am very new to this...

@Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) , @Alan Odom (Clockmender) if all goes well you probably can start working on that after stabilizing branch is created. We'll see how that pans out in a few weeks time.

Juan (jc4d) added a subscriber: Juan (jc4d).

Latest Version (Release 1.1.4) is now on our GitHub:

I am now getting help from @Rune Morling (ermo) to get the code up to standard, thanks to him for his work.

I have incorporated 3 functions from TinyCAD, with @Dealga McArdle (zeffii) permission for the next release.

We are also working on the Error messages to be able to have multi-language support.

@Rune Morling (ermo) and I have been busy with the code. We have added Docstrings and run "Black" on the code to get the formatting from my amateur mess to his professional look, brief example below:

We have also changed all the messages so they are now in a messages file and called by their names, this means that messages can be translated, we have also done same for input descriptions:

This is for the next release, 1.1.5, which also has a new Fillet Tool.

Cheers, Clock.

Rune Morling (ermo) added a comment.EditedTue, Oct 8, 10:15 PM

For maintainability's sake, we've gone with Google-style docstrings for now.

I haven't (yet) been able to figure out which docstring format Blender officially recommends, but links/pointers/tips are most welcome.

EDIT: Oh and the choice of black as THE code formatting tool was deliberate. If someone decides to create a PR, they are expected to run the code through black -l100. Manually turning off blackening of a section is only acceptable for math stuff, otherwise not.

hi, thanks very much for the updates, I've been speaking with @Rune Morling (ermo) and I think the plans are to move this forward after 2.81 release. I'll get back here in a week or so and we can discuss starting the review process. Thanks again, you guys are doing a great job here.

I have a question:

Rather than have a command line input like this:

Could I trap a keyed input of say pdt-fg0.1,4,0.5 and get that interpreted as the PDT command line, so users don't have to key into the command line input, just type the input?

Thanks, Clock.

@Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) :

We would like to prepare a manual for PDT. Should we be using the official Blender wiki or ...?

hi @Rune Morling (ermo) the best option at this time is to create a wiki on your github. I'm still working on the Add-ons Manual, we have already accepted docs from github wiki or/and linked into github wiki via the addon. Later down the track I can look at the Blender Manual page and either transfer your work or link to your git.

@Rune Morling (ermo) @Alan Odom (Clockmender) hi, the following is a template about access to the blender addons project. I think it's a good time now to start the review process.

hi, if you can join this mailing list: and mail:

Re: Commit Access to Addons Repository: ATT: @ideasman42


Hi my name is: "your name/s"
My user name on is: "your user name/s here"
I would like commit access to the addons repository.
I am the maintainer of/my addon is:
Make mention of as many discussion were had and it's a great example of the addons design process.
New to Blender and it's task is here: "inset addon name and task name".
or I'm the Author of an addon in Blender and I wish to update the addon: "inset addon name and task name if applicable".
or I'm a new maintainer of an addon in Blender and I wish to update the addon/s "inset addon/s name/s and task name/s if applicable".

I'm familiar with git usage and my repo is here: "your git hub" *not needed but why not if you have one. It's important to know git usage before committing to the Blender addons repo.

It's also useful to join this mailing list: as this list mails out the commits. is a good read. and provide a good place to discuss your addon or issues if needed. It's good also to drop in and say hi and meet other developers and provides a good communication platform.
Final note: Addons in the Blender repository are updated by addons devs and Blender core devs help with api updates/fixes. As there's multiple people committing it's important to make sure your local folders are updated to current before committing yourself.

Any issues please let us know.
Thanks for your interest and support. Brendon.

@Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) We are both signed up and will send the email as soon as we have prepared it thoughtfully.

Thank you for this, we have studied the links you gave us.