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Scaling up 1x1 pixel image reads past buffer bounds
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This Python script causes an ASAN error:

import imbuf, 1)).resize((2, 2), 'BILINEAR')

Although this isn't limited to Python, the error happens when IMB_scaleImBuf is called on a 1x1 pixel image from anywhere in Blender.

Currently the function assumes there is always a 'next' pixel.

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I can't replicate this on my machine, could you provide some more instructions? It runs the script fine on my PC, so I might be doing something wrong

The error happens with address sanitizer enabled, use WITH_COMPILER_ASAN, although it's not available on all platforms.

Just from checking the code you can see it assumes a second pixel exists.

Oh, I hadn't used that flag for the compilation, thanks! What would be the expected outcome of this, I don't quite understand what is the ImBuf structure, even after toying with it this summer.

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I can't reproduce this in current master (be8879718e24e417d299eb298b8a9d4d2ca324ee), even with WITH_COMPILER_ASAN. @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) is this still an issue?

Tested and it's still an issue, although since this report 'BILINEAR' needs to be passed to redo this error (updated code snipped).

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