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Verify ffmpeg and other image and video libraries use optimal build flags
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For example, we build ffmpeg with --disable-sse, which seems like a wasted opportunity.

This task involves going over libraries in build_files/build_environment/cmake/ and verifying that:

  • SSE and SSE2 are enabled, since those are always supported by x86-64.
  • Check if SSE3/SSE4/AVX/AVX2 can be enabled, for libraries that can detect CPU capabilities and use them only when supported.
  • Check if multithreading is enabled where possible.
  • Test that the functionality still works correctly.


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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Normal.Oct 4 2019, 4:41 PM
Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) created this task.

This ffmpeg setting will enable hardware acceleration -hwaccel auto and this one -tune fastdecode will allow a much faster playback in Blender(going from 20 fps to 30 fps on my low spec computer with a h.264 encoded file) and this one will use all threads: -threads 0 I don't know which ones are enabled in the Blender build of ffmpeg lib, but I know from testing alternative codecs for proxies, that these settings will make a difference in encoding/decoding speed(though some of them may be h.264 only).