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Glitches on Eevee with Intel HD620
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this is the system info generated by blender 2.81nafter loading factory settings

this is the rendered cube

Broken: 2.81 from oct 16 and before
Worked: 2.8

The Eevee rendering shows a lot of missing pixels, some greyed out , some transparent. Workbench and Cycles don´t have the problem.

With brand new installed 2.81, first opening, selecting general, F12 to render: missing or grey displayed parts of the cube. Also happens with more complex models and also in 2.82 while it worked well in 2.8 .

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Please provide some more basic info by going to Help->Report a Bug in Blender's interface, then paste the detected OS, GPU and Blender version details into your report.

Also a screenshot or full render showing the problem could be helpful (on the default cube in the default scene would be perfect, perhaps even do File->Defaults->Load Factory Settings first).

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I´m a little bit unsure if i had to put the requested information into the original task, as done, or as a coment, so I repeat it here:

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There are already newer graphics drivers for your Intel:

If you can, install the latest version and tell us if the issue is fixed.

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On my end it still doesn't work. But thank you for pointing out about the drivers.

Hey Paul Try using a blend file from 2.80,We have the same problem except mine has those glitch alias effects, it was merged.

This happens when I load up a blend file made in 2.80 in 2.81

Note: there is some minor "scanline" effects on a face perpendicular of the sun lighting on the cube in the viewport. if I port the 2.8 startup file to 2.81 (The glitch alias effects still gone).

Edit: Welp just for curiosity sake, mine is almost the exact same when rendered the default cube while not using a ported 2.80 startup file. so it is the same problem as paul whoever merged this was correct in their assumption
But the default cube ported from 2.80

Yes, I came across this 2.80 to 2.81 thing by loading up an earlier blend file before even using the rendered view.

I have installed the new graphics driver and the problem has gone, in 2.81 at least. I will check 2.82.

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I'm going to update you guys my latest debug logs Including both standard start-up cube and a startup cubed saved in 2.80 and loaded up in 2.8,1 no updating drivers did not fix this.

2.81 standard.

2.80 loaded into 2.81

@Brad Hawkins (ConsUme), some settings in the viewport may be disabled when importing a scene from an earlier version. But it's hard to tell which setting is causing the issue.
The version of your installed graphics driver is, but there is already the

@paul (noiling) reported that by updating the driver the problem is fixed.
Could you update the graphics driver too?

Did you check my recent system information/Debug info, I did already update my drivers.

Edit: wait... What? It's still saying i'm still have the old drivers?

Edit 2: Soo, um real quick can you point me to the drivers for Dell OEM Intel hd620, I apperently cannot use Intels own updators, and had to use Dells one and, it apparntly didn't update.

Update: well I'm shit outta luck, unless there is a way to force upgrade. Intel software won't allow me to update, and they say I need to use ones on Dells website, but they only had the old driver.

Well, fuck...

Update 2: Looks like I have a way.

Might report back tommorow however.

You can close thread, now more mad at Dell than anything.

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Ok I'll close this one.
Feel free to create another report or reopen this if you cannot resolve it even updating the driver.