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Starting Blender and using File command menu always pauses
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System Information
Operating system:Windows 10 Pro
Graphics card:AMD Radeon HD 7800 series

Blender Version
version: 2.79 (sub 0), branch: master, commit date: 2018-03-22 14:10, hash: f4dc9f9d68b, type:
build date: Thu 03/22/2018, 09:59 AM
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
When I start Blender 2.79b it hangs for about 15 seconds at the CLUI window, curser blinking away. It does not slow down the pc in anyway but is is non responsive. When it finally is up and ready there is a delay of about 20 seconds ONLY when I use the >File command menu< and choose any command other than open recent, user preferences and quit. When I choose open for example the menu literally stays there and waits about 20 seconds before it vanishes and I’m presented with a window to choose from. From there I can open the file and edit and so forth as always until I go to export or save or use the file menu again in any way (except for open recent, user preferences and quit) where it delays again.
When I am IN user preferences and go to the FILE tab and start modifying the default directory’s there is the delay again waiting for it to respond to allow me to choose a folder Unless I type it in manually and there’s no delay doing that
In short, the delay is always at starting up blender or when a selection is made from the File command menu or in the FILE window in user preferences.
When I double click a blend file from file manager it still delays at the CLUI window but zings right into the blend file after that. I reinstalled Blender, I uninstalled all plug ins I could find.
I think I should add that during these stalls the hard drive activity light stays on solid.
Would the fact that I had Blender 2.80 installed previously and uninstalled it then installed Blender 2.79b have anything to do with this File command menu fiasco?

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
No file involved. To follow same steps 2.80 must b installed then uninstalled first



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It is quite possible that the fix for T69530 will solve, or at least help to solve, your problem.

I don't know where the idea of shaking a window came in so I screen capped the starting of and opening a file in Blender in a file called Boring Blender. Named for the minute and 30 seconds of boredom it shows. Note when the command menu is opened and I click on open file how long it takes to react.. BTW I can still toggle to and use other apps.

See the suggestions presented in the similar report T50793
Does something there help solve your problem?

Yes this does give me a handy suggestion to use process monitor to spy on Blender as it starts up.
In teh attached zip file are 2 logs. Logfile0 was the results of stopping PM when the user interface came up.. Logfile1 is the results of when the user interface came up then I immediately when to File open and stopped PM when the user interface showed me files to choose from.

Good idea to log the process, but I do not know what I am looking at.
I appreciate the time and effort you are putting in to help me with this Blender blunder.
It was mentioned in the suggested report of T50793 that a improperly removed SSD was the culprit.
I am using a new SSD as the system disk. And the HD that was once the system disk is now my file disk It was bumpy at first to get the SSD installed but it has been working as promised.
Again, Thank You For Your Help

Well folks i do not know what to say but the lag in blender that has me stressed me out a bit has simply gone away. Blender boots up as quick as it takes to snap my fingers – like it used to when I first installed it. As crazy as it sounds its true. But rest assured if it comes back, I will return here as well… Thank You for all your help.

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