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Incoherent snap to face between tools
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Short description of error
It happens since years ago but I never report it. Blender have few coherence between the way that snap to face with "Project Individual Elements" on.

  • Move: You snap when you move the mesh (correct), you don't snap with Ctrl pressed
  • Rotate: You don't snap when you rotate, You snap when you hold the Ctrl key (incorrect)
  • Scale: You don't snap when you scale, You snap when you hold the Ctrl key (incorrect)
  • Edge slide: Snap doesn't work properly. slide make little jumps, if you press Ctrl then the movement is smooth but the snap still not working properly.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Use any mesh like "high poly" and try to retopo with snap to faces on and "project individual elements" on



Event Timeline

The first three points is the result of the Affect option and works by design:

Edge Slide has its own way of snapping. (But there are plans to change this, see T66426).