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update camera rigs addon
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hi, this is the task for the camera rigs update by @Wayne Dixon (waylow)
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I'll test it out shortly. my original update for the 2.8 series was limited to "make it work".



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Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) renamed this task from update camera riogs addon to update camera rigs addon.Fri, Nov 22, 4:04 AM

Thanks Brendon. Yeah I saw there were some updates to fix the major changes in the api :)

The big changes to this version..
-I spilt the code into modules to make it easier to maintain (hopefully)
-I fixed all the camera binding stuff
-the composition guides also changed so they live in their own menu now
-and I added custom properties so the camera can be animated with the armature rather than having to animate 2 objects (rig + camera)

It would be great if the DOF object could target a bone rather than only an object (limitation of Blender).
At the moment it creates an empty, and then the empty is parented to the aim control which can be animated.

hi, I've been testing this out today, it's a great improvement and update.
Thanks. I'll add soon.

moved panel to create tab, added in Blender Manual link.
I've created the manual page here with a link to your git.
@Wayne Dixon (waylow) Thanks again, let me know if you have any future updates.
committed. closing.

Thank you @Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto).

I was planning to create an updated demo like I did for the old version.
Is it possible for me to edit the wiki page information with the updated info etc?

I would like to maintain it that rather than you having to do it on my behalf.

hi @Wayne Dixon (waylow) You have access now to the documentation. Please read this first:
If you need help or have any issues, feel free to contact me in irc or preferably python channel.
Thanks, we will need to organize your commit rights as currently your not yet a member of the addons project. We can discuss this also.
Thanks again also for the great update.