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Animation Render
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Blender Animation Render Process that bypasses GUI to avoid crashes

Tested on macOS, Windows and Linux. (from blender 2.80 to 2.83)

Animation render is an addon for blender, it renders by python script bypassing the GUI, avoiding all the crashes that are GUI related while rendering. It works for cycles and eevee. It allows you to render an interval of frames grabing the details from context like first frame and last frame, output path and all the details required for rendering, it adds some buttons on the Output menu like:

Render Animation
Enable notifications  (OS notifications since Blender GUI is frozen while processing)
Save file before Rendering
Sound per frame and/or sound at completion (for macOS only)

Notifications include how many frames are to be rendered, current frame, percentage of completion and time estimate for completion

If you are having problems rendering even one frame you can set the first and the last frame to be the one you need rendered.

Disabling the Notification check will enable output to console.

USE ONLY TO RENDER TO SEQUENCIAL IMAGE FILES It will not work if you try to output directly to a video file.

The blender file needs to be saved at least once somewhere if you want the autosave function to work, it exists because since you cannot stop the Rendering process, if you really need to stop it, you have to force close Blender, and at that time you cannot save the file, it will save you a lot of headaches. (Client calls you and wants something changed while it was rendering, and you forgot to save the file)


Installing the addon on macOS should be done manually as the decompression method from blender destroys a binary necessary for notification. you can install the addon like this: uncompress both folders ( animationrender and modules ) place them on: /Users/"YOUR USERNAME"/Library/Application Support/Blender/"YOUR BLENDER VERSION"/scripts/addons/


Restart blender after activation module or notifications will not work until restart

Event Timeline

there is a bug while importing on macOS that forces the installation of the module "pync" to be manual since the binary terminal-notifier and blender which is a modified version of the terminal notifier so it has the correct name and icon for the notification.
this binary gets damaged and it will not work if installed though the Blender menu for addons.
I dont know if the binary is getting dammaged when importing on Windows or Linux since the module is only used on macOS and therefore not used on the other systems.

/Users/"USERNAME"/Library/Application Support/Blender/BLENDER VERSION/scripts/addons/modules/pync/vendor/terminal-notifier-2.0.0

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If you want to "promote" your addon please do it on our community sites like or

Have you read about the import bug?

If you want to "promote" your addon please do it on our community sites like or

This is to fix the import bug, not to promote the addon

@André Ferreira (thebadking) To report a bug in way that is useful you have to follow instructions that are on the page you use to file a report. Otherwise the report may be dismissed. Especially during times, when the number of reports to review is high.

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