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Code Quality: Terminology
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Code Quality Day: Terminology


  • Remove use of the term 'verify' since it's used ambiguously.
  • Avoid use of the term 'validate' since it's used ambiguously,



Term verify is ambiguous and better naming exists.

  • Return an item if it exists, otherwise create a new one (use ensure instead of 'verify').


  • defvert_verify_index -> defvert_ensure_index
  • BKE_image_verify_viewer -> BKE_image_ensure_viewer

Most instances can be changed, although there are some exceptions, eg: RNA_define_verify_sdna could be left as is, or renamed to something more explicit.


Ambiguous term: from "to make valid; substantiate; confirm"

We have examples that:

  • Return false, on invalid data.
  • Raise an error and early-exit on invalid data.
  • Fix the invalid data, returning true - when the data was modified.
  • Correctness check (immutable), (use is_valid instead of 'validate').
  • Make something valid (mutable) (use sanitize instead of 'validate').

For data which stores a flag for it's correctness - a function that updates this could be called 'validate', also cache validation sense, in most cases this is not what it's used for.

Note that this is used in many places over the API, although reading over the current usage confirms that this is used confusingly.

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