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Video Sequence Time slider ignores handle offset constraints (leading to crash)
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When transforming video sequencer handles, there are limits beyond which you cannot move them which is enforced by the transform code.

The Slip operator ignores these constraints - allowing the strip content to be dragged with offsets that are outside the strip start/end.

To redo:

  • Start a new Video Sequencer Template
  • Add a new scene
  • Add that scene as a sequence strip.
  • Make sure the current frame is in around the middle of the sequence strip.
  • Drag the "Strip Offset Start" to 500 (notice the strip shows as flipped).
  • Delete the strip.
  • Blender Crashes

Attached asan crash output:

Event Timeline

Most of the values in the Time panel needs to be clamped:

The slide operator seems like an isolated operator build outside the handle selection system. It should be recoded to work inside the transforming system in this industry standart way, where two selected handles inside the strip will slip it:

As opposed to selection the two handles outside of the strip to slide it, which actually works now(except when there are no adjacent handles):

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This doesn't look like problem with offsets but rather improper cleanup of cache.

Can not really reproduce, but I can see where the problem may be.

Odd, this reliably crashes every time, although it may be Asan forcing the crash when a regular build may not crash.