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DrawManager: Improved Task Scheduler
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The current task scheduler when converting meshes into GPU Batches can be improved.

Current Implementation

Every object is handled in serial. When a mesh object needs to create GPUBatches the generation of these batches are done in parallel.
After all batches for an object has been created the next object is processed.

  • Some extractors are scheduled without threading as they are really fast, but the current implementation schedules these with high priority.

Target Implementation

A single Task Scheduler is created that handles all objects in parallel.
There are some hurdles to take into account:

  • lines_loose is a sub buffer of lines It can only run after the lines buffer has been created.
  • objects can share meshes. We should not schedule a mesh twice.
  • Some extractors are scheduled without threading as they are really fast. In the target situation they would be scheduled with normal priority.
  • mesh_render_data_create could also be run as a task.
  • Use a different control flow where a task can have related sub-tasks. These subtasks will be calculated after the parent has finished. There are multiple ways how to implement this
    • Parent task knows its children and adds them to the task scheduler when the parent task is finished
    • Child task has a parent task id and the scheduler checks if that task is already completed. This has some draw backs as chained tasks will get lower prio.


  • The algorithm of some extractors cannot be spliced into chunks and therefor don't schedule optimal. In current implementation they are scheduled with a higher priority to be sure they are completed as first. In the target implementation these tasks will be scheduled better as we schedule all these extractors in a single task scheduler.
  • In scenes with multiple characters the performance would increase as more work can be scheduled in parallel and less syncs are needed.

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Main goal of the task is done. There are some improvements to increase performance, but that should be done during regular optimizations.