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Continued Outliner Improvements Design
Confirmed, NormalPublicDESIGN

Authored By
Nathan Craddock (Zachman)
Jun 5 2020, 3:55 AM
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Parent design task for the 2020 Google Summer of Code Continued Outliner Improvements project.


  • Not started
  • In Progress
  • Completed

Major Targets:

Smaller Fixes and Designs:

  • Drag and drop improvements:
    • Drag and drop of strips from outliner to sequencer
    • Remove need to hold Shift when parenting
      • One idea: A drop on an object name would do parenting, anywhere else could do collection link.
      • Perhaps the highlights that indicate what action will be performed on a drag+drop could be improved. Color, location, etc. could indicate what action rather than relying on a keyboard shortcut.
    • Drag and drop to reorder constraints and modifiers
    • Autoscroll on drag+drop near the top and bottom of the outliner
  • Option to create a new collection from the selected elements (devtalk)
    • This could be dropdown or simply the default behavior
  • Indicate active object when in a collapsed hierarchy (devtalk)
    • We already have 3+ highlight indicators, so this would have to be done well to prevent clutter.


  • Some outliner data icons are missing (Palette, Particle Settings, ...)
  • Walk in/out tree with left and right arrow keys is not supported.

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Nathan Craddock (Zachman) added a project: Restricted Project.Wed, Jun 17, 10:51 PM