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Allow creation of VSE strips referencing a non-existent file
Closed, ResolvedPublicTO DO


The Blender Animation Studio needs a workflow like this, for collaboration with a director on the other side of the planet:

  • Files (blend file + images + videos) are shared via Dropbox (or some other similar system)
  • Two or three users start Blender, open the blend file, and connect via an add-on to a central server.
  • Edits to the VSE are synchronised via that server, more or less real-time.
  • When a new video file is added, the file itself is synced via Dropbox, but the addition of the strip in the VSE is synced via the sync server.

Because of the two different approaches to syncing files and VSE strips, it could be that the command "Create a VSE strip for file X" arrives on a computer before file X arrives. Currently Blender refuses to create a video strip via Sequencer.new_movie() when the video file doesn't exist, making this synchronisation hard to do.