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grease pencil fast draw loses details in macOS
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System Information
Operating system: macOS 10.13.4
MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB

Blender Version

Short description of error
From the grease pencil refactor demo, smoother drawing of fast strokes is achieved.

But when I tested, from the left drawing of the attached file, slow drawing produce smooth and accurate line. but the right drawing losses details in fast drawing and easily create corner. Is it an issue for macOS?

Comparison with drawing in

Steps to redo:
New file > 2D animation
Scribble real fast.

Event Timeline

Are those corners created on start of stroke or on end? I am thinking, that this could be related to T78856

I have checked T78856, which I found some similarities and differences.

I try to draw some fast straight lines as T78856. I did notice some delay and result in similar shorter lines as T78856, but only about 20% of the lines got shortened, not as much as it is found in T78856.

I also noticed T78856 mentioned about large file size causing the delay, but I experience the loss of detail in fast draw starting from a new empty file. From the T78856 video that some description is written on the screen, which in my case, the same writing speed can't produce the same accuracy. A lot of detail is lost in the hand writing in my mac.

Finally, about the corners on the stroke, it is mostly created in the middle of the stroke, especially the curve line, I feel like it fails to track a complete fast draw, and is only able to capture a point in the middle which ends up creating a corner.

I hope this information helps!

I'm seeing this exact issue on my mac as well. Only very slow drawing produces smooth lines, anything quicker has a bunch of angles in it.

I've tried posting a gif of the bug.

Here's a screenshot. The drawings on the right were drawn faster and have pointy corners in them for some reason. The smoother drawings were done very slowly.

I have an update on this. The bug is related to or affected by the screen resolution.

When on my laptop (specs in the post above) at the maximum resolution the bug is there. As I decrease the screen resolution, the circles/curves tend to be smoother. Also, when connected to an external LG 27" 4k monitor, the problem isn't there or is barely noticeable.

@Chun Kim Kiu (ckim) this might be a workaround for you until the team can address the underlying issue.

I tried to reproduce this issue on 4K, it is quite hard to produce consistent curves with consistent speed using mouse, so it is quite hard to triage.
Strokes that I make look relatively OK. Nothing that would raise any concern (apart from ocasional straight lines at start).

Thanks for the update.

The resolution of my macbook pro is 1440 x 900, it is not even the highest resolution, I did try to test it with the lowest resolution 1024 x 640, It does improve a lot (the line is acceptable, but the resolution is too small to work on), still the stroke is not as smooth as painting in Photoshop on the same mac.

I've just try out the new released 2.9, the issue is more or less the same. I hope it will be improved in a near future.

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Is this still an issue with the latest alpha from Thanks.

Unfortunately this is still a problem in the Alpha release. I would say that it's even worse for me now. Here's a screenshot.

This really is a big problem for me. It makes grease pencil completely unusable for me and probably for other Mac users as well.

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