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Polishing Correct Face Attributes
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  • Initialize operators options based on the "correct face attribute" value (e.g., edge slide).
  • Unify naming of the option and the operator options.

The way we do Proportional Editing seems to be a good example to follow. These issues have been raised on rB4387aff

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Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Confirmed.Aug 6 2020, 12:00 PM
Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) created this task.
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The concern there is about the name. The idea is to rename it to Correct UV's. But this name can be a bit misleading since this option also affects Vertex Color and multires.

  • Inconsistency on how operators that had a similar option now work. In terms of naming and initializing their option. e.g., edge slide.

While planning this feature the solution was that vertex and edge slide have this option separately. This is because these options are enabled by default on these operators.
It would be interesting if other operators like Spin and Insect were also affected by this option, but they are not transform operators and to make this option work on them the changes would have to be very comprehensive.

  • Decide on whether it should be ON by default.

I imagine that this option has to be Off by default since sometimes changing the UV is not desirable.

I removed the 2.90 tag, but made it more clear the tasks that involve this. If the modeling team still think there is no obvious solution we can edit/discuss this further. Otherwise the points raised by Brecht seem to still be valid I believe.

The "initialize operators options based on the 'correct face attribute' value is related only to operators that already had a similar option (e.g., edge slide).

As for the naming, indeed "Correct UV" would be potentially misleading, but having the name difference is potentially even worse in my opinion. I can't see why the operator option couldn't be named Correct Face Attributes too. Or is edge slide strictly correcting UVs but nothing else?

And for the records, the only reason I see this not as a 2.90 high priority is because we are already in bcon4. That said, in the future I hope we can find a way to have these things considered and tackled ahead of time.

I can't see why the operator option couldn't be named Correct Face Attributes too. Or is edge slide strictly correcting UVs but nothing else?

While calling "Correct UVs", Edge and Vert slide also affect all CustomData that has math. It is the same option "Correct Face Attributes" but enabled separately.
I can rename it to "Correct Face Attributes" to be consistent.

I do truly believe this option should be associated with the buzzwords "world" or "global". For example "World Position UVs" or "Globally Consistent Mapping". Another idea would be using the common shader lingo like "Object" in the texture coordinate node in the shader editor, since this creates a similar effect and describes what the operator does more accurately (being as it is local).