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Eevee crash on Macos when trying to render frame
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System Information
Operating system: macOS 10.15.6
Graphics card: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M

Blender Version
Broken: 2.90 & 2.91
Worked: 2.83.4

Short description of error
Eevee crashes on MacOs 10.15.6

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

. With GreasePencil.
. Create New 2D Animation.
. Draw a stroke.
. Render Image or F12
. Crash
. Same steps in 2.83.4 actually renders an Image without crashing as expected.
. Eevee also crashes with attached (non GreasePencil) Blend file in 2.90/91 (but works in 2.83.4).

Log Crash

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Seems to come from the new check for 2D texture arrays.

The latest builds seem to have fixed the issue for me. Thanks!!

I still have this issue with the latest build (August 12). It also occurs with the latest 2.91 build (August 13).

OS: Macos 10.13.6 High Sierra
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB