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Action Recorder
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I have created add-ons for Blender 2.83 - 2.9

With “Repeat last” (Shift + R), you can only play back the last action
And if you do something else, like Undo or "Pick Shortest Path", "Repeat" won't work

[Command Recorder --> Action Recorder]

Product Movie

This add-on allows you to perform complex and varied repetitive tasks
It can also work like a simple add-on, depending on the combination

Could you please consider adding my add-on "ActRec (Action Recorder) in Blender? (to make it available in the "Preferences > Add-ons > Community" category).
Thank you in advance.

Update content & ToDo List
Changed Names
Recorder & Button --> Local Actions & Global Aktions
NoName --> Macro

Added Category function.
Auto Save of Global Action
Export & import Global Action
Add an icon
You can temporarily disable macros
You can edit the macro name.

This add-on is currently being worked on to fix bugs and add features
ActRec is now available!


Thank you.

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Inamura JIN (BuuGraphic) updated the task description. (Show Details) has been updated
I made a tutorial video.
I've created a document.

I second this request. 👍
Action Recorder is a useful add-on that helps performing repetitive tasks during the modeling process.