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Support Huge Image Sizes in image/uv editor
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D8234: Use DrawManager for Image/UV Editor uses a new drawing method for the image/uv editor. It has a limitation that huge images are resized to fit on the GPU. These max size depends on the used hardware typically the limitation is between 12k and 16k and the GL Texture limit setting in the user preference.

In case the user uses a huge texture it is more likely that not all pixels are shown on the screen. We could create a sub-buffer with visible areas of the image and render those. This only needs to do in case the provided GPUTexture isn't sufficient.

NOTE: This makes an assumption that viewport size does not exceed the max gpu texture size. eg every pixel in the image is actually shown in a single image editor.

Technical test cases

  • Zoomed in (seeing individual pixels) with and without repeat
  • Zoomed out (skipping some pixels) with and without repeat

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If the subimages are created to fit the viewport, they need to be updated when panning and can't be shared between multiple image editors.

I think tiling the image would be a better solution, since it avoids those problems and doesn't require any special invalidation logic. Only visible tiles can be loaded. Possibly such a system could use ARB_sparse_texture, though I'm not sure that actually supports sizes bigger than 16k in practice.

In general, I think tiling and mipmaps are the right way to handle very high res images.

Overall, I think efficient display of images > 16K is quite low priority, not something that we should spend much time on now or consider a blocker for committing the image editor / draw manager changes.

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