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Missing DNA Defaults ("Reset to Default Value" sets to 0)
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Since rBf5e0dfe59c7e748, we have a simple & practical way of setting up defaults for DNA data. These defaults are used for the "Reset to Default Value" operator, available in the context menu for buttons.
Here's a helper script to extract the defaults:

There are still a number of properties that don't have a default assigned. These can be reported here.

Note that these missing defaults typically appear in "groups" because the entire data-structure misses the default value definition. In that case there's no need to list each individual value, just mention where they are (e.g. Armature object, relation settings).

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In the render properties tab, i think that Simplify is missing Default values for render and grease pencil dropdowns. Also Cycles tile sizes differ from startup file value after resetting.
In Output Properties tab it defaults output color to BW instead of RGB.
In Scene Properties tab it's missing default value for Units.
In Object Properties tab it's missing for Relations and Motion Paths.
It's also missing default values for constraints.

All the sockets (including RGBA sockets, dropdowns, etc) default to 0.000 (or first element in the list¹) in all the nodes.

¹Only excepton I've found is that, in ColorRamp, interpolation correctly defaults to "Linear"

Edit: Maybe the issue with nodes is based on a different root cause, so probably this is not the right Task? See also: T76704

Hi, Default values for radius and strength in brush properties of SculptDraw brush and detail size under dyntopo also seem to have incorrect default values. I'm new to Blender development and since this is a good first issue, I tried looking into this.

  • Radius : default on startup is 50px and reset to default value sets it to 0
  • Strength : default on startup is 0.5 and reset to default value sets it to 1
  • Dyntopo -> Detail Size : default on startup is 12.00px and reset to default value sets it to 0.00px (did annoy me a lot when I first tried sculpting)

From what I understand, default values are now defined under DNA_brush_defaults.h, but when I tried changing them it had no effect. The properties still had the old default values. I suspect some other implementation is overriding the DNA defaults, probably related to T47618 . Changing defaults like particle settings in DNA_particle_defaults.h, also seems to have no effect.
Can someone help me understand why changing default values in DNA_brush_defaults.h has no effect?