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Complex Solidify TODO
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This task keeps track of the current state of complex solidify.


Recently a couple bugs where found in complex solidify. Most of them are minor and this task is there to organise them.

But one of the bugs is critical and requires more work to fix properly (T80897) without raising computational complexity.
It would be possible to fix the bug in a good way, but it would need some of the code that already exists in the Weld Modifier.
The merge code in the Complex Solidify Modifier was added to make useful results possible when zero length edges exist.
It was very effective at getting rid of them, but a smart fallback value also seems to work decently fine.

So the better idea would be to remove the merge feature from Solidify completely and move it to the Weld Modifier. This way
the code of complex solidify will be cleaner and better to maintain. This was already briefly discussed with @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton).
It will also open the door to new things which could be added to complex solidify. Thats why this task also keeps track of the
progress towards moving the merge feature from the Complex Solidify Modifier to the Weld Modifier.


For the merge feature there is a design issue as well. Currently Complex Solidify merges edges in index order.
It always calculates the length of the edge that it currently processes and if it's shorter than the merge distance it
collapses the edge to the mean position of all the vertices that got merged there. This was fairly simple to implement,
but @Germano Cavalcante (mano-wii) did mentioned, that it isn't a conventional method and should potentially be reworked.

Work plan

Original implementation:

  • D5766 Solidify Modifier Extension

Prior related changes:

  • D7221 Fix solidify complex degenerate cases with duplicate faces
  • D7215 Change solidify's material offset in complex mode to conform with simple mode
  • T74195 Blender crash when curve has dense mesh and solidify modifier
  • T75840 Solidify modifier - Only Rim crash in Complex mode
  • D7340 Add Complex Solidify option for thickness per face
  • D7334 Improve Solidify/Bevel Modifier cooperation
  • D7428 Fix crash whith Simple Solidify and Bevel Convex
  • T75032 New complex solidify algorithm handles poorly merging threshold of small geometry details

Simple bugfixes:

  • T80269 The material in the Complex mode in the Solidify modifier is wrong
  • T80893 Complex Solidify Crash with Singularity on Rim
  • T80895 Complex Solidify Merge Algorithm Crash
  • D8945 Fix Complex Solidify Flat Faces not using the Invert nor the Factor Options

Move merge feature:

  • T80897 Complex Solidify Crash with Ngons (The reason for the feature move)
  • D8966 Weld Modifier Connected Mode
  • ? Remove merge code from Complex Solidify Modifier

New Developments:

  • D11832 Fix offsets outside of -1 to 1 (Thanks Miguel G.)
  • ? Move file location to GEO
  • D11575 Include in Geometry Nodes (Thanks Fabian Schempp)

Further Cleanup:

  • D8202 Cleanup for the code of Complex Solidify Modifier
  • ? Cleanup the Solidify Modifier UI

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