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Experimental Features Documentation
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  • Sculpt Vetext Colors
  • rB827dfd76ddd Object: Switch Object operator (Pablo Dobarro)
  • rB0d5ec990a98 Sculpt: Experimental Pen Tilt Support (Pablo Dobarro)
  • rB39de0b79fd6 Pointclouds: support mesh <-> pointcloud in convert operator (Philipp Oeser)

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Remember that they won't show for beta/release, so they shouldn't be in the manual until they are no longer an experimental feature.

Yes, that is the main purpose of the task; to keep track of things that shouldn't be included. Some things that have been committed are not exposed in the navigation yet. For example a work in progress page for point clouds: There are ways we can make if statements to selectively include information. Which is something we may want to do in the future.

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