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Blender-2.92.0-ba740ad2abc6-macOS crashing
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I downloaded Blender-2.92.0-ba740ad2abc6-macOS this morning a had 5 crashes in about 1 hour of use. I couldn't catch what the problem was to repeat so kept using it. The last two crashes happened when doing normal vertex editing, deleting points and reconnecting -- very surprising! Another crash happened when I tried to view render F11, when the window popup window reminded blank using EEVEE (usually takes a few seconds), I was trying to guess what was wrong with he settings on the render engine when it crashed. Attached are the crash reports and the Blend file I was working on. Sorry to have to add this as the prior version Blender-2.92.0-1166110a9d66-macOS had no problems after hours of work using it. Best, Paul

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More crashes from earlier version: Blender-2.92.0-1166110a9d66-macOS. Using the same blend file above ~ Fence4. I added a point light and adjusted the wattage, looked at the camera view <0> and changed the render from EEVEE to Radeon ProRender and then switched back to EEVEE. Next I went to Orthographic top view and zoomed in <+> and selected the roof in Viewport Shading and then in Edit mode selected the top two nodes on the roof and was trying to select the adjacent lower nodes to do a merge when the crash occurred. Got to save more often perhaps?

Not been a good day for trying to get something simple done. Another crash and image of exactly what I have been trying do. From the prior report, I re-added the point light and went to Ortho top view as shown and < Opt . > merged the vertices shown, then did the same on the lower ones. Next I clicked < 1 > to see the side view and was panning back and forth sideways to see if "I could get away with it" when the crash occurred. (Using EEVEE). Had only been on for ~10 minutes this time. Am I getting a message from beyond no to do this? -- Paul