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Displaying imperil dimensions in all fractions
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Is it possible to have a preference to show imperial dimensions in all fractions?

Conventionally, imperial dimensions are not shown with a decimal. For example 5' 5.5" would be conventionally shown as 5' - 5 1/2".

Perhaps with the preference, the rounding of the fraction can be set too. For example, have the dimension display to the nearest 1/64, 1/32, or 1/16, or 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, etc.

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To clarify, this is the output for bpy.utils.units.to_string. The current output uses decimals, whereas imperial convention is to use fractions, with a precision preference also to set to the nearest fraction.

There is Python code that implements this here:

We do not handle feature requests on the bug tracker. This part of Blender is working as intended and does not classify as a bug. A better place to discuss/suggest this proposal would be on our community websites.