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(Workbench) When importing .blend/.FBX all materials are white.
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using Workbench render engine.
Storage : 200GB of 450GB (Disk).

Blender Version
The imported models version of blender is 2.81.

Short description of error

When importing .blend/.FBX all materials are white. (Maybe this happens because the model is using the Workbench render engine?)

Exact steps to reproduce the error
First the model is imported to unity, and I change a few settings. (such as: rig type : humanoid, avatar configuration).

here is a picture of how the character looks in blender and in unity.

Here is blender :

And here is unity :

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Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Needs Information from User.Apr 16 2021, 12:46 PM

Please share both the original .blend file as well as the exported FBX.

Also note that exporting shader trees has certain requirements/limitations:

They both appear the same, only that the FBX imports all animations instead of just one.

If both "appear the same" (also on the materials side?), then this might be more of an issue on the Unity side?

What is the material color supposed to be ? The one shown in unity, or something specific like red or blue etc ?
Also, reminder to add files Philipp asked for.

Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) closed this task as Archived.Fri, May 7, 2:39 PM

No activity for more than a week. As per the tracker policy we assume the issue is gone and can be closed.

Thanks again for the report. If the problem persists please open a new report with the required information.