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again material problem link/shareFrom()
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Group: V 2.31 release
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Python


there is still a problem when using obj.shareFrom
(obj2) and/or and mesh is already
linked to another object.

Reproduce it:
- create a cube named "Cube" with mesh "Cube". Give
the cube mesh a material
- execute the script:

from Blender import *
o = Object.New("Mesh", "x")
o1 = Object.Get("Cube")

"x" is created and linked to the mesh of "Cube". But
if you go to the material buttons window, you will see
that "x" is linked to mesh "Cube", but no materials
are shown!!! There should be at least one.

Problem seems to be, that and
Object.shareFrom() do not update the totcol and actcol
elements of struct Object.

I tried to set object->totcol from the mesh's totcol
and actcol = 0, seemed to work, materials are now
shown in the materials buttons window, but opening the
OOPS window crashes Blender. Seems i missed
something ;)


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