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Blender crashes whole PC when I want to change layout in Shading tab
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System Information

Operating system: Linux Mint 19.3 Linux Mint 20.1 Manjaro Gnome 21.02 Open SUSE Tumbleweed
Graphics card: Geeforce GTX 1660 (various driver versions
CPU: Intel I7 7440

Blender Version

2.82a (from Ubuntu Repo)
2.83 2.91 2.92 2.93 (from

Short description of error

In the Layout tab with viewport shading active or in the Shading tab, when I try to grab and pull the line between the windows to change the size, it crashes my whole PC.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

After I open Blender I activate viewport Shading. If I try to resize any window the system crashes and the gpu fans start to spin really fast and noisy and don't stop until I shut it down. I managed to reproduce the same error with the same effects running different Linux Mint versions, Majaro and Open Suse Tumbleweed, with different kernels and different NVIDIA drivers newer, older or recommended (installed from the distros repos or from the NVIDIA web page) and with different blender versions. It doesn't matter if the render engine is Eevee or Cycles. I believe its a linux problem, because I could not reproduce the error inside Windows 10.

Two months ago I had an ACPI Bios Error while installing Mint 20.1 but it seemed to fixed after a bios update. Since then i have some problems with driver loading after shutdown and restart in Mint 20.1. Sometimes the system defaults to the lowest resolution. After the Blender crashes, almost all the time the system is on low resolution after reboot and I need to reboot it several times or reinstall the drivers to fix the issue.

Please help and thank you for your time!

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Can not reproduce on windows for 3.0.0(rB8c3f4f7edf9).

Geeforce GTX 1660 (various driver versions

Even for recent driver version you can replicate??

(Similar reports already exists on tracker but cause is definitely different eg. T75882: Blender crashes when click on shading tab )

From Linux Mint 20.1 driver manager I can only choose 465.27 (New Feature Branch Version i believe) or 460.80 (Production Branch Version) both are the latest in the repo. Both gave similar crashes I will manually install 460.84 and 465.31 which are the absolute latest.
Two weeks ago I installed 465.27 (I'm not quite sure about the real numbers - I believe it was 465.27) from ubuntu ppa and it worked for a few days. I also suspect a linux firmware update done right before the troubles with drivers loading at startup. The firmware update could of messed something. I will reinstall Mint and leave the linux firmware update unchecked, and test the absolute latest drivers from NVIDIA page and Ubuntu ppa-s.

On the Windows side, the GPU drivers are 450 thus older.

Thank you for your replay!

Reinstalled Linux Mint 20.1 and tested Nvidia 465.27 driver, and then 440.100 and then 460.84 then 390. The last two didn't work at all. Still experience the same crashes with the first two drivers.
Installed Elementary OS and Manjaro Gnome. Same problem. At this point I'm clueless about this hole thing. Maybe someone can give me an idea.
Thank you!

In that case, upload crash log. For that:

  • open blender_debug_log (located in same directory where blender.exe is)
  • Reproduce crash then in windows explorer two files will be visible. paste them here
  • Open blender_debug_output from these two files, you will find the path of crash.txt.
  • Find crash.txt on your system and paste that here.

Hi! Thanks for your reply!

The crashes occurs only using Linux. In Windows everything works fine. Beside this problem, the other functions of Blender work good. Tried rendering with Eevee and Cycles and didn't encountered any problems.

In linux I could't find any crash info or file. I don't think that any info about this is written, because the moment I reproduce the crash the system shuts down instantly and only the GPU fans spin fast and noisy. I have to press the power button for a few seconds to turn it off completely. Couldn't find other means to force Blender to crash, to see if a crash log is written somewhere (usually in /tmp folder).

If i start Blender from terminal this message appears:
[ALSOFT] (EE) Failed to set real-time priority for thread: Operation not permitted (1)
[ALSOFT] (EE) Failed to set real-time priority for thread: Operation not permitted (1)

I don't know if this is related to my problem.

This is the blender_debug_output from Manjaro

Thank you!


I downloaded and tested Blender for Artists which is a fork of Blender (I believe its based on Blender 3.0 alpha) and I could reproduce the same crash in the same conditions.

After that I got Blender 2.79 from the website and for my surprise, it works well. I couldn't reproduce the crash mimicking the same steps.



I managed to reproduce the same crash in Windows 10 too (I was fast resizing the windows while on Viewport shading - Material preview)
Windows crashed and didn't boot after and had to use the troubleshoot options to restart the system. The NVIDIA driver installed in Windows is 456.71 Using the open source drivers in linux didn't crash the system, just the NVIDIA drivers seem to have issues.
This is the debug files but couldn't find a crash.txt.

At this point, Blender is unsable.
Please help and thank you for your time!