Raytracd reflectns corrupted by norm map
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Group: current SVN version
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Rendering (intern)

This problem has been happening for over a week, maybe
several weeks. I've been trying to isolate it on and
off since I noticed it.

Under some conditions, ray traced reflections of
objects that have texture channels with normal mapping
render with many horizontal streaks.

Deactivating the texture channel that has the normal
mapping eliminates these streaks. Turning off OSA
eliminates these streaks. OSA off and MBlur on also
renders the image correctly.

I've been unable to isolate the error more than
explained above. I first noticed this in several large
.blends of mine and have been trying to isolate the
issue beyond just the normal map, but have been unable
to do so yet from a new .blend other than importing the
same objects I first noticed the problem.

The file attatched is from a WC entry participant who
was kind enough to send it to me. I added the
readme.txt and error.jpg file after I verified the
problem in the file. If I can isolate the problem
further, I'll add a new comment and hopefully .blend file.


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