segfault on background rendering
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Group: V 2.31 release
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Python

I have a large (3Mb) blend file which I run in the
background. I discovered that it will segfault (status
on exit is 139) depending on the current frame number
saved in the blend file. It doesn't seem to matter
which frames I ask to render. I'm using python scripts
as well. I can load the blend file in for foreground
with no problems.

It is repeatable on v2.28c, v2.31 and v2.32.

I'm running Slackware 9.0, Linux 2.4.24 kernel with
ACPI patches, on a Toshiba laptop with a nVidia Geforce
MX 440 card (although I don't think this matters).

I can send the blend file ie needed, but it is huge and
I won't be able to send any texture images.



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