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Building with scons has a problem with scons 0.98
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Group: current SVN version
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Category: Tools

Scons 0.98 was recently released and it is now, e.g., the version shipped to Fedora 8 systems (it updated a few days ago).

Due to some deprecations in scons, they have changed some of the *Option classes, such as SCons.Options.BoolOption. Previously, they were modules and Blender's build system is doing "import SCons.Options.BoolOption".

Now, however, BoolOption is a reference to SCons.Variables.BoolVariable, so you cannot import it the same way (it has to become something like "from SCons.Options import BoolOption").

Grepping the code, it looks like tools/ is the only file that has a problem here and I suspect the above import change should make things work for 0.98 and older versions (but I don't have any older version around to test at the moment).

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