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Paint Mode: Pixel Brush Tool
Confirmed, NormalPublicDESIGN


This task design is about adding a pixel brush tool as a potential solution to the current limitation in texture paint mode to not being able to paint textures in a pixel art style not even able to paint single pixels.

Before looking into this solution let's check anothe non-pixel-brush-tool alternative and see the pros and cons of each one so we reach a conclusion.
Feedback and new ideas are welcome!

  • Replacing current brush radius (which is strange IMHO) to brush size. This will make possible to have brushes with 1px size (diameter) to paint single pixels.
  • Add alternative squared paint cursor display over cursor settings to have a better feedback.
  • Add AA toggle as a unified paint setting to make possible paint in pixel art with any brush and size.
  • Add pixel grid overlay in the overlays panel.


  • Cursor isn't aligned with pixel grid.
  • So much options user have to configure before doing pixel art. (cursor, AA, pixel grid...)
  • To have a dedicated pixel brush tool independent from current paint brush. This tool will behave differently.
  • To paint single pixels and blocks/chunks of 2x2, 4x4, ... pixels.
  • To paint pixel art patterns and gradients.
  • Dedicated pixel grid overlay which will be automatically enabled depending on zoom or pixel size in screen space.
  • Align brush automatically to the pixel grid.
  • No need to pre-configure anything.


  • Align cursor to pixels in 3d viewport may be a lot of fun BUT extremely useful.

In conclusion, having a separated tool will be most suitable as a pixel brush needs specific behaviours, as a squared cursor, aligned cursor, pixel grid overlay and no AA brushes.

Let's talk about the PIXEL BRUSH TOOL solution!

I've made a few prototypes in Python so I can give you all an idea of how it could behave:

• Pixel Grid Overlay

A grid per pixel.

A grid per chunks of 4x4 pixels (or whatever configured by user).

• Align Brush Automatically to the Pixel Grid

• Pixel Brush Tool overview